Welcome to TitleRun — the game that only exists in your title bar

It's simple... Jump over the obstacles to survive and reach the flag!

Note: This game requires the browsers title bar and keyboard input. For the best experience, use Chrome/Firefox with this tab in a separate window.


Wondering where the game is..? Well — Look up!

Ahem, the *title bar*

Need help?

Here's some keyboard shortcuts:

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Wanna make your own map?

You've played a few rounds and want to try creating a new map? Awesome! You can add a map via your browsers localStorage. Simply, set the map key-value pair. The value can be any string of unicode characters.

e.g., this is what map #1 looks like:

                ▖     ▖        ▘     ▖   ▖    ▘    ▖      ⚑

Chrome Developer Tools, Application Section, LocalStorage
Here's a guide for Chrome; other browsers work similarly

Hit M to clear the local map key-value pair.

Here's some building blocks (i.e., unicode characters) to get you started:

*Only top/bottom blocks cause collisions (i.e., need to be avoided while playing). All other unicode characters will not harm the player (yep, even ãbç ...)

Bookmarklet ▶

Now you can play TitleRun on any unsuspecting website (yep, even Wikipedia or Confluence). Simply drag the button below to your bookmarks bar. You can then click on the bookmark to launch TitleRun anywhere.

Launch TitleRun

Thanks to @dnlggr for the idea to run TitleRun as a bookmarklet.

Source ℹ

The game is all open-source vanilla JavaScript. You can check it out on GitHub.

Feedback ★

Feel free to tweet about TitleRun and let me know what you think about the game!

About ⚑

I'm Jannik and I like to work on small fun projects on the side. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @jnnksbrt. You can also show your appreciation via Ko-fi.

This project was inspired by a tweet from @round

im gonna make a website that exists entirely in the URL bar

— Maxim Leyzerovich (@round) May 21, 2020

Well, it's not really a website and it's not in the address bar, but inspired nontheless.